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Your Guide to Comprehensive Dental Care: Exploring Family Dentistry and Dental Services in Stony Plain

Parkland Dental Clinic

A comprehensive dental care plan is vital to maintaining good health and a vibrant smile. We know that the importance of your teeth goes far beyond how white they are, so we put together a guide to our comprehensive dental services in Stony Plain.

We Serve Families

You can bring your entire family to our dental clinic in Stony Plain. Early care is the key to a lifetime of good oral health, so we formed our practice to offer family dentistry for all ages. We also provide dental services under sedation for anyone in the family with a low pain tolerance or a fear of dentists.

General Dentistry

Any good dental clinic offers the basics, but we went a step further by prioritizing the latest technological advancements to make your visit as comfortable as possible. We handle the basics and more advanced procedures, such as crowns and implants. Additionally, we can fit you for night and sports guards, add sealants to your at-risk teeth, and offer treatments for jaw pain and sleep apnea.

Cosmetic Dentistry in Stony Plain

You don’t have to travel outside Stony Plain to find cosmetic dentistry. In addition to our general dental services, we offer teeth whitening and veneers so you can achieve a picture-perfect smile without seeing multiple dentists.

Orthodontics and Oral Surgery

Sometimes, your natural teeth need a little assistance. We offer braces that will fix your teeth’s alignment and dental extractions to remove any teeth affecting your oral health.

Endodontics and Periodontics

We aim to be the only dentist you need to see in Stony Plain, so we take all aspects of your oral health seriously. Our services include treatments for gum disease and root pain, among many others.

Whether it’s just you or your entire family, we can handle your dentistry and oral health needs. We hope to see you soon! Contact us today!


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